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Carl Sparks HO Seymour Valley RR

Carl's RR is HO standard guage, but with a heavy narrow gauge flair to it.


Photos 1 & 2 - This sawmill has a full interior with lights including a red glowing light in the sawdust burner! The engine house is a Fine Scale Miniatures kit and looks right at home here.


Photos 3 & 4 - Look at this great trestle and tell me it doesn't look NG. Pic 4 is the Dolly Varden Mine and company town.


Photos 5 & 6 - The RR has several nice features such as this working forest fire. It looks great with the night lighting.


Photos 7 & 8 - These little scenes and right in front of each other and make great mini-scenes.


Photos 9 & 10 - Can you tell where the RR ends and the backdrop begins in these pictures?


Photos 11 & 12 - Two more working features are the bucket tram on the Dolly Varden mine and the incline. The incline works just like the real thing with a steam donkey (with sound) pulling the cars up a 30% grade with cables!


Photos 13 & 14 - The only way to this part of the RR is by the incline. This is where all the logging operations are.


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July 17, 2001
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