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Bob Christophersons S scale standard gauge RR

The Columbia Valley & Western

"The Short Line"

Bob models late 40's and early 50's in a space of 20' x 18'.

We will follow along Bobs RR from the ferry in order.

Click on pictures for full size versions.

Photos 1 & 2 - 2 views of the car float apron at Northport.


Photos 3 & 4 - A look at the car float and dock side warehouse.


Photos 5 & 6 - This is coming out of the staging area known as Kingsgate. This coal unloading track is in the first corner as we head towards Franklin.


Photos 7 & 8 - Here is the second corner which is the start of the center peninsula. This house has a great trackside location in the town of Franklin.


Photos 9 & 10 - The trestle is on the end of the peninsula and the coal dealer is right behind it, but seperated by a hill and trees. After we round the peninsula we come into the town of Cascade.


Photos 11 & 12 - The Victoria Hotel/Bar is a busy place in town. Notice the painter in the second pic working on Flanningan's which looks like it used to be a Master Creations Railhead Saloon?


Photos 13 & 14 - Well here is one Hotel customer that does not look happy. Second pic has a nice little transfer and oil company as we leave Cascade.


Photos 15 & 16 - Here we come around another curve and on the inside we find this tug boat, which is for the car float I am sure. Next was Bobs only piece of properly gauged S scale equipment.<G>


Photos 17 & 18 - Here we are coming around the front of the layout and into Columbia Falls station.


Photos 19 & 20 - Passing the station we come to American Tool & Die Co. and then pass around the back of Columbia Falls.


Photos 21 & 22 - After the town we come to the engine service facilities.


Photo 23 - Of course last we have to service our caboose!


For more info on Bob's RR check out the following:


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July 17, 2001
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