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J.J. Johnstons HO freeance subsidiary of the Great Northern


JJ has a 12' x 14' 1930's era layout. He does not have too much scenery done yet, but makes up for it in other ways. Every building I saw had working lights and details everywhere! The layout also has sound, and not just the engines. Well enough talk, you came to see pictures.

Photo 1 - This is a great little house and a fine area of town to the live in with friendly neighbors.


Photo 2 - Here is a second view of this fine model home.


Photo 3 - Another nice home. From these first three pictures can you guess what month of the year it is?


Photo 4 - There is a fixer-upper in every neighborhood, isn't there? Well, maybe this is a tear-it-downer and start over. Either way it started life as one of those beautiful Fine Scale Miniatures kits as seems to have had better days?


Photo 5 - This is a location for those people that really want to get away from it all, picture below is a close-up of the right center.










Photo 6 - Where I am from we call these people Hillbillies. Of course, they in return call us Georgia boys Rednecks.


Here is a look at the "other side of the tracks" and we might as well start at the station.


Photo 7 - As you can see the depot is in an unfinished area, but still looks great.


Photo 8 - Here is another unfinished area, but wow! What detail. You got to love that billboard.


On to more finished parts of the layout.

Photo 9 - This is a view looking form the end of the layout showing all of what you will see close-ups of in the following photos.


Photo 10 - Working our way back in photo 9, this icing platform is next in line.


Photo 11 - Anyone for a game of pool? Watch out for the sharks!


Photo 12 - The General Store looks like it would have most anything you would need.


Photo 13 - Here at the Cycle Shop you can get gas & repairs done on your hog.


Photo 14 - When repairs to your bike take longer than expected there is always the Boarding House.


Were you able to guess what month of the year JJ models?
October, the pumkins give it away.


If you liked this tour of JJ's railroad, take a look at the tour of the upstairs of his house and RR room. Trust me, it is worth a look.

Tour of JJ's upstairs & Train room.

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July 17, 2001
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