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A short tour of J.J. Johnstons upstairs & Train room


As you start up the stairs to the train room you notice that something is different. To the right of the stairs is a platform for display of RR artifacts and memorabilia. To your right, painted on the wall is the outside of a Depot!

Here is what you see when you get to the top of the stairs.

Photo 1 - Please pay for your ticket before entering the room!


When we take a left and enter the train room we find the walls painted as a log cabin and the ceiling is painted to look like wood with big "holes" of sky showing through. His workbench is on the back wall and on one side of it is painted a potbelly stove and the other side has a ladder painted up to a real attic access.


As we continue to the left straight through the train room to one of the upstaris bedrooms, this is what we see.

Photo 2 - This is a painted fireplace, the only real things in the picture are the mantle, antlers and door to the left!


As we look up standing in the same spot this is what our view is.

Photo 3 - It could be a problem sleeping with Raccoons over your head at night! The tail hanging down is the only thing not painted! The train room ceiling is similar, but with bigger "holes".


Still standing in the same spot we turn to the left and look towards the head of the bed for this view.

Photo 4 - Once again the only real items are the curtain and the head board for the bed (wood beam, nailed to wall). Make a note of the Raccoon, this same raccoon will be in the next picture.


This view is on the back side of the wall (in the next room) from the last picture.

Photo 5 - As you can tell, this is the outside of the wall painted in the other room. Here you see the back side of the Raccoon that you saw looking through the other window and his buddy helping him! The curtain, as it would be seen though the window, is even painted on this side!


In all I think there were six raccoons running around and not one of them bothered the trains!

This should give you some good ideas for that train room that you are building or planning.

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July 17, 2001
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