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Ken Larson's West Side Lumber Co.


Ken Larson models the West Side in On3. The locomotives are equipped with Soundtraxx decoders and controlled by Digitrax DCC. Ken has really captured the feeling of the West Side, and the sight of a Shay trundling across the River Bridge pulling a string of skeleton log cars is nothing short of spectacular!

The following photos are a blend of some I took in 1999 during the NNGC in Portland, some that Art Cominio took in 2001 during the Sn3 Symposium in Seattle, and one that Ken took himself.


Photo 1. The River Bridge, which is over 6 feet long in On3!


Photo 2. The High Country, with some real BIG trees.


Photo 3. Ken's trackwork has a beautiful flow to it, giving the impression that the railroad was built THROUGH the terrain. The edges of Ken's benchwork also flow with the scenery, and this really helps to distract a viewer from the fact that this is in a room - and NOT in the High Country!


Photo 4. One of those big Shays is running around a cut of log cars to get some water.


Photo 5. A view of WSL #7, heading into a cut.


Photo 6. An old donkey engine, abandoned just off the side of the r.o.w.


Photo 7. WSL #9 bringing down a cut of logs for the Tuolomne mill.


Photos 8 & 9. Tall timber in this first picture, and then some skeleton log cars passing by. Have you noticed the beautiful backdrop behind all of these scenes?



July 17, 2001


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