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Sights we saw around Seattle


Of course we had to go up in the Needle.

Photo 1 - Seattle landmark, the Space Needle.


Here we have some of the views from the Needle.

Photo 2 - This is Elliott Bay and in the distance to the right is Bainbridge Island.


Photo 3 - One of the many ferries you can take is crossing Elliott Bay.


Photo 4 - This is lake Union near downtown.


Photo 5 - This is downtown Seattle and to the right of it off in the distance is Mt. Rainier.

Seeing as we had to eat, we figured we might as well do it on a train.

The Spirt of Washington Dinner Train.

Photo 6 - Here is our engine for the evening. This is not only a train ride and dinner train, but it also includes a tour of a winery!


Photos 7 & 8 - Another view of the engine and a look at our destination, the Columbia Winery.


Photo 9 - Happy customers on the way back.


Photo 10 - We crossed this wooden trestle on the Dinner train. It is over 900 feet long and 100+ feet high!


Photo 11 - This trestle was only a mile from the hotel and we did not even know it till the day before we went home! In my defense it was dark almost every time I went by it.


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July 17, 2001
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