Jim Brown's D&RGW

The D&RGW resides in a L-shaped room that is ~20 feet in length and 9.5/13 feet in width. Control is by Lenz DCC, with all locomotives equipped with Soundtraxx decoders. Operationally, the layout is envisioned as extending between Gunnison, CO and Cimarron, CO. 'Modelers License' has permitted the operation of all sizes of equipment west of Gunnison in order to accomodate my personal fascination with the larger K-series locomotives. While I have attempted to capture the flavor of the scene, the layout is really a freelanced interpretation of this area.


Photo 1. The Burnside mill nestles in the mountains, on a spur outside of Sapinero.


Photo 2. RGS Goose #7 is a long way from home, sitting at the team track at Sapinero.


Photo 3. A view of the road crossing just west of the Sapinero station, leading to the main street in town across the tracks.



Photo 4. D&RGW #476 struggles up the grade towards Cerro summit, after exiting a rock tunnel. This scene is actually only visible from outside the layout room, as it faces the entrance doorway, just above the $%&* duck-under to get in...


Photo 5. Extra #453 East has just left Gunnison and is headed towards Salida via Marshall Pass.


Photo 6. The Gunnison depot bears an uncanny resemblance to a similar structure on the RGS at Ophir. The scenery has not yet been completed on this side of the room, but all track has been laid.


Photo 7. A view of the engine servicing facilities at Gunnison. The coal tower and sand house were both scratchbuilt from styrene. The turntable in the background is an old Diamond Scale Models HO 105' model, which works out to about 78' in S. From the pictures I've seen in Dick Dorman's books, it appears that Gunnison inherited a 75-80' turntable in latter years. The turntable is controlled by one of the New York Railway Systems controllers.



July 17, 2001

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