Jim Noonan's HOn3 RGS RR


Jim models the Rio Grande Southern from Ridgway to Telluride and Pandora in a space of 19' x 23' all powered by Digitrax.

Photo 1- The Pandora Smuggler Mill is the first this you see when you walk through the door.


Photo 2 - This is one end of the yard. Notice how wide open his scenes are.


Photo 3 - This is in the opposite corner of the room from the door. This scene looks great and takes up very little room.


Photos 4 & 5 - A couple of views of Jims Vance Junction coaling pockets.


Photos 6 & 7 - Are of Vance Junction and it just begs you to take pictures of it. No matter how you look at this spot it looks good!


Photos 8 & 9 - These are of just a couple of Jims fine trestles he has on the layout.


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July 17, 2001
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