RGS at Dolores, CO

by Bill Busacca


Bill Busacca has modeled Dolores, CO on the RGS, ca. 1940. The exquisite detail on the modules is framed by a stunning photographic mural backdrop. Bill's numerous RGS locomotives are currently controlled by a PFM Sound System, but we have confirmed that a Lenz DCC system will be installed in the near future...


Photo 1. RGS Goose No. 7 stopped in front of the McPhee warehouse. A local farmer is unloasding some bales of hay for the livestock awaiting transport...this must be early fall, with the cattle headed for market.


Photo 2. We're looking across the tracks to the Ford dealer, past some abandoned vehicles left to gently rust into oblivion. Note the old harp switchstand, still in use...


Photo 3. It's a sunny day in Dolores, with washing hung out to dry and a flourishing vegetable garden in this view of rural CO life.


Photo 4. The station is just out of view to the left, but you can see that everybody has come to town today and is parked outside the cafe. Probably a group of railfans, soaking up the ambience of Dolores and the RGS - AND a beer or two as well, in all liklihood!


Photo 5. It's off to market for some poor cows, as D&RGW #319 backs in to pick up a pair of stock cars headed north for Ridgway, and then over the D&RGW to the meat packing plant in Montrose.


Photo 6. The camera is a dead giveaway! We have a railfan here, who will likely be boarding the next Goose that is headed south for Durango. And how long will the trip take? A good question, on the RGS...!



July 17, 2001

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