Dave Woodrell's Rio Grande Southern

Dave models RGS from Ridgway to Rico in a 18' x 33' basement. The RR is powered by Lenz DCC.


Dave let us all tromp through his house for several days and even supplied food and drinks. The only problem was this was the best engine he had on the RR.

Well, at least the RR has some good repair facilities and were able to get it in running order for the Operation Clinic.


OK, how about some pictures of what really happened.

Photo 3 - Here is where we took over operation of our train. The previous engineer was killed in the line of duty. All right, he wasn't really killed. He just had another layout tour to go to. I lied about being serious earlier too.


Photo 4 - Here we have gone back to get our train and put the caboose on.


Photo 5 - Now that we are on our way I turned over the controls to my fireman/Wife so I could take more pictures.


Photo 6 - This is a better view of the trestle we just went over.


Photo 7 - Can anyone identify this location that we are about to go through?


Photo 8 - Continuing on we cross this little trestle.


Photo 9 - We are about to pass Lizard Head.


Photo 10 - This is the backdrop at Lizard Head.


Photos 11 - 13 - We didn't make it through these locations but thought you would like to see them anyway.


We had a great time Dave, wish we could have stayed longer.



See how the actual Operation Clinic went at Daves.

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July 17, 2001
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