Operating on the RGS...


The 2001 Sn3 Symposium held in Seattle, WA this year featured an opportunity for attendees to not only visit - but to actually OPERATE on - some of the finest Sn3 layouts in the Pacific Northwest. Special thanks are due not only to Brian Ellerby, Paul Scoles, and Dave Woodrell who graciously opened their layouts to make this possible, but especially to registrar Jim Noonan (he says he's in HOn3, but we really KNOW that this is Sn2!) without whose hard work and dedication, none of this would have been possible!

******Thanks, Jim...from ALL of us!******

Bill Wallace and I were privileged to be invited by Dave to co-host his two Operating Clinics, and I thought that you might enjoy seeing a few (hopefully) 'satisfied customers', hard at work...


Photo 1 - Bill Wallace (plaid shirt) introduces his new crews to the vagaries of Rico.


Photo 2 - (L to R) Bill Wallace, Paul Vaughan, Doug Jolley, and Scott L. (won't even TRY to mispell your last name, Scott!), surprised by our roving reporter near Ridgway.


Photo 3 - Julian Motts filming husband-and-wife team Lisa and Scott L., diligently switching at Placerville. Lizard Head is in the foreground...more on that later...


Photo 4 - (L to R) Pete Nelson, John Romberger, Dan Pyzel, and Dan Horohan watch as Jan Rons brings his train into Rico. Bob Madden is on the extreme right, with his back to the camera.


Photo 5 - Their work at Lizard Head completed, Bruce Hanley (R) is smiling approvingly as Jack Tingstad (L) prepares to couple up to the train and then proceed north to the Ophir siding where they will have to hole up to meet a southbound train.


Photo 6 - Steve Anderson grabs a last sip of coffee, as engineer Bob Bergstrom climbs into the cab of D&RGW #452 in the Rico enginehouse.


Photo 7 - Road foreman Bill Wallace (L) demonstrates Rule 10 Compliance, i.e. "Everybody MUST have Fun", as Jim Schulz (C) and Joe Piazza (R) prepare to assume their duties at Ridgway.


Photo 8 - The ever shy-and-retiring Jim Schulz (L) offers a somewhat critical appraisal of conductor Joe Piazza's (R) plan for switching Lizard Head without blocking the main...(like I said Jim....your check bounced!)


On a (semi) serious note...the only guys who had as good a time as the guests were the hosts! Thanks to ALL of you, who braved the snow and ice (we think the CO guys brought it...) and came up to spend a few days with us! See you next year in Phoenix - maybe WE'LL bring some Rain there!



July 17, 2001

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